Week Two Update!

Hey y’all!

I apologize if my updates are few and far between. The wifi here isn’t always great but I’m here to do summer missions not get on the internet so that’s okay!

During the 2012 Olympics, Gabby Douglas said in an interview, “It’s a win-win situation. The glory goes up to God and the blessings fall down on me.” During the beginning of this week, I was struggling with keeping a positive attitude. Then I was reminded of that quote and Colossians 3:12. This made me come to the conclusion that I was doing everything for the wrong reasons. I was here for myself and for the people here but I wasn’t doing my best to glorify God in everything that I did. Since then, I remind myself of those two quotes every morning when I wake up and anytime I start to get a bad attitude. Don’t get me wrong. I still struggle sometimes, but by focusing on Jesus things work out much better.

Since my last post we’ve started some new things. We started kids clubs at hotel pools, using games, crafts, and snacks as a way to share the Gospel with visiting families. In addition to that, I, along with four other team members, began going to a church called First Baptist Church Taft. It’s a small church with a small youth group which is what my team members and I will be working with. However, I am already excited about getting to know the sweet kids there. God is blessing me so much with these ministries. I love getting the opportunity to just hang out with kids and share God’s love. The people here are amazing! I have already made many wonderful friendships. I am completely sure that God is blessing our group with the ability to bond so well in so short of a time. Thanks again for caring! Prayer requests would be the health of the team as we’ve already had several sick people!

Love, Jackie!


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