Week 8

So it’s been a little while since I posted and in the craziness of schedules, somewhere along the way I missed a week or two of updates. I cannot believe I am in the 8th week. At the beginning of the summer, ten weeks sounded insurmountable and now I’m already considering the possibility of other, possibly longer and farther away, mission trips. 

Several Kids Clubs in a row my partner and I had no kids so on Thursday, we decided to pray hard for the upcoming Saturday. This did indeed pan out.  We met a family of girls. Twins age twelve with an eight year old sister and their cousins eight year old twins from New York. It was quite an experience. The only thing they knew about the South was from Hannah Montana. The girls told us they didn’t go to church and they didn’t know what church really was. We gave these girls salvation bracelets and a Bible. When I got back into the pool with the girls, I hadn’t told them what the colors on the salvation bracelet stood for. So before entering the pool, I prayed asking Jesus to do it for me because I needed his help and didn’t know how to approach the subject. Well, as soon as I got into the water, one of the girls, Samantha, came and said thank you for the bracelets, which I saw as the perfect opportunity to tell her what the colors meant. After I started telling her, the rest of the girls gathered round without any prodding from me. They listened intently until they had to leave. I can only hope and pray now that the seed I planted is fertilized by someone from their home.


God has taught me so much this. Living and working with nineteen teammates has taught me has taught me a new kind of love and a more extensive depth of patience. I have learned to rely on God and not myself. When I am weak (which is always), he is strong. The times I think I cannot go on, God tells me that I am right I cannot go on. I must let him do the work. I’ve also learned the importance of being a hard worker and being respectful no matter what. I love being here and having a purpose to do intentional mission work. It inspires me that I can do this at home as well. 

Prayer Request: The most important thing at this point in t he summer is to finish well and not be mentally home and physically here as well as to love each other in all that we do


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