To The Full

In the Light

I, like most college students, am young and arrogant. In moments of my journey to learning my own life-pulse, I have wholeheartedly believed my way was the best and only way. Like “capital-W” Way, as though my theology, ideas, and philosophies would take the world by storm and upend years of dependable thought.  I  believed completely bucking societal expectations and norms was completely possible, and the Lord would bless me as I ran helter-skelter through life tearing tradition and oppression down in my wake. I would be a force, a holy, invincible force, traveling the world, drinking coffee, writing, telling others about the flawless love of our Savior, and dragging a willing husband and kids with me (eventually). People would look at my life after I died (in some foreign country, of course) and say, “She was fearless. She gave it all for Jesus. She lived life to the full.”

After all, didn’t Jesus Himself say…

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