Updates and Changes

Hey Y’all,

I have a few things to cover today.

For those of you who don’t know, I graduated! Huzzah! On May 1, I completed my last assignment as an undergraduate student at Mississippi State University. Talk about bittersweet! Starkville and MSU will always hold a special place in my heart and I will forever look back at my time with a smile in my heart. I’ll talk more about that soon. But for now here’s a site update!

Because I am entering into a new stage of life, I have chosen to change my site from “thequotesdiary.wordpress.com” to “jackiegiles.wordpress.com.” I’ve been considering doing this for a while for many reasons.

First and foremost, my focus on quotes as inspiration for posts has been waning. My love of quotes and it’s influence on so many of my early posts no longer shapes the way I write. I will continue to incorporate quotes when I feel it is necessary to strengthen a point with others words. However, somewhere along the way my style of writing evolved from building off of others to standing on its own to feet. With this in mind, I no longer felt comfortable writing under the name “the quotes diary” and not focusing on quotes in my writing. I stopped feeling free to write what I wanted.

Second, I want it to be something people can remember and understand. I do not write for notoriety; however, I want people to easily recognize who is behind the words. If something I write resonates with people, I want them to be able to return to the site and not have to remember both my name and the site’s name. Now they are one and the same.

I have also changed the site layout to something a little more sleek and sophisticated. It’s simple and clean that, in my opinion, allows the reader to focus on the words rather than the layout.

I hope you’ll continue to keep reading. I am going to attempt to write more consistently. I hear from all the greats that writing is a job and you have to sit down at the keyboard and write whether you are inspired or not. Soon I’ll update you on my post grad life and maybe even  create a book list for those of you looking for recommendations.

Love, Jackie

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