Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly Imperfect


This is why examining struggles are important

This is why examining struggles are important

Reading through my old blog posts, my heart began to hurt. My pride was hurt. My self identity was embarrassed.

“Here is Jackie Giles!” shouted my blog. ” She struggles with being content in Christ’s love, living in the present and dealing with loneliness.”

At first, I wanted to start over- get a clean break. Blog about my successes. Like when I got an “A” in a class I struggled in or when something good happened and I was genuinely thrilled which is something I don’t get often and show even less often or that one time I had a spark of creativity and put pictures in the shape of a heart on my wall and it looked GOOD.

But then I remembered why I blog. I remembered what I am called to do.

I do not generally write for the masses. I do not write to present myself in the best possible light. I am egotistical and conceited enough in my current state (and isn’t that what Instagram is for anyway?).

I am called to write about my weakness for in that, Christ’s perfect strength is made known.

So yes, I have struggles. And yes, many are the same struggles that I think I have overcome. But if I could get over something that easy, it wouldn’t be a struggle. It wouldn’t be called “dying to self.”

So yes, I have struggles. And I am unashamed.

My name is Jackie Giles. I do not have a 4.0 GPA. I am a little overweight. Sometimes, my inner voice cusses. I am judgmental. I am discontent with my wonderful life. I sin. I neglect my savior. I have asthma, chronic hives, mastocytic colitis, migraines, and probably a connective tissue disorder.

But that’s not all I am.

I am intelligent. I am witty and funny. I am strong. When a problem comes my way, I deal with it. I am, at times, wise. I have a great memory for people’s names and random facts. I have wonderful friends and family. I am truthful about my faults and I am dealing with my issues openly. And in our modern society that encourages perfectly posed snap shots of life, choosing to reveal your weakness is incredibly brave.

Maybe I will start talking about successes more, but one thing is for sure. The minute I start hiding my faults on here is the minute I quit being true to myself and my purpose.

I challenge you to live openly.IMG_3979.JPG


Advice for high school seniors

Ok so this could also be titled “Things I wish I’d known/grasped at 17.” But that’s become so cliche and plebian that I feel the need to have a less generic title. 

  1. It’s okay that if it’s January and you don’t what college you’re going to. It’s also okay if you’ve already graduated and it’s may and you still haven’t decided where you’re going.

I stressed my ENTIRE senior junior high school career about where I was going to college. Neither Meridian Community College nor Mississippi State University were on my list of dream colleges. I sat through a graduation ceremony without having enrolled in a college or scheduling classes. I survived and even thrived. 

  1. Community college doesn’t suck.

Okay, so maybe going to a community college sounds lame. I mean I want adventure in the great wide somewhere not to stay in this provincial town (GOOD MORNING BELLE!). Bonus points to anyone who got that BEFORE I added the parentheses. Back to the point, I understand not wanting to spend time at a 2 year institution. But you know what I understand more than that. Getting paid to go to college vs going in debt. You can go to community college and still enjoy yourself and make memories. Don’t listen to the snooty people who go straight off. Let them complain about student loans in 4 years while you can put that money in the bank. 

3. Don’t take 8 a.m. classes

While we’re on the subject classes at noon and night classes are pretty lame too. 8 a.m. WILL NOT BE as EASY in college as it was in high school. And I didn’t even think it was easy in high school. 

  1. You are not a second class citizen because you’re 17 and haven’t dated.

You also aren’t a second class citizen if you’re 21 and still haven’t gone on that first date. The right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing. (I’m pretty sure I’m quoting someone just not sure who or what). There are many reasons for why you aren’t dating now. Most of them are cliche but true. But what’s the big one? You just haven’t met the right person at the right time yet. Simple as that. While we’re on the subject, DON’T SETTLE. You deserve to be with someone you’re crazy about. Conversely, The person you could settle for deserves someone who is crazy about him/her. 

5. Revel in your first love

Okay, so here’s the deal. You’re first boyfriend WILL NOT be the person you marry. And guess what? That is completely okay. But you really should revel in that first love, nothing can go wrong feeling while you can. Make the memories worth the heartache of your first break up. Spend fifteen minutes in the driveway saying goodbye. Laugh. Be silly. Make the perfect gift. Be the annoying couple while you can because later you’ll know better than to shamelessly flirt with your s/o while others are around. 

6. Quit worrying.

Things will not go according your perfect plan. Also, just so you know, your “perfect plan” isn’t perfect. Believe it or not, everything will be okay. Quit stressing about the future. It doesn’t need you to worry about it.

7. DO.

Do something new and adventurous. Learn to crochet. Or ballroom dance. Or speak another language. Start cooking for yourself- like real meals not ramen noodles all the time. Do crazy pinterest projects. Now is the time to create and find yourself. Figure out what you like and do it. Now is also the time you can get experience for free or cheap. And saving the best for last…

8. Realize that life is about relationships and experiences not material possessionsImage