Women of Faith

Women of Faith. #thequotesdiary

Women of Faith. #thequotesdiary

Near the end of the Spring 2014 semester, I was inspired to write devotions for myself about women of faith both in the Bible and in history.

If I believe or am impressed upon by the holy spirit that one of my devotions will help someone, then I share it.

My first post was about Anna and learning to be content and patient. Anna always inspired me from a young age so choosing to write about her was a no-brainer and very fun.

My next post was about Leah and her struggles to feel love and rest contentedly in God’s love. Growing up, Leah was one of those Bible characters that everyone pities. A year or so ago, a wise speaker talked about her story from the viewpoint of redemption and love rather than neglect and mistreatment. It stuck with me. It was one of those paradigm shifting sermons. Out of everything I have written, Leah’s article is my favorite. I identify with her. She is the underdog that wins. She is a real person who struggles only to realize the toil was worthless. God was there all along if she would only take his hand.

Please let me know if there’s anyone you want me to write about.


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